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Provider Profile

Linsay Heimberg

Linsay Heimberg

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

I am an experienced mental health therapist with a background in art therapy and mindfulness. I recently attended and finished a year long training at the Integrative Psychiatry Institute (IPI) for psychedelic-assisted therapy. I am excited about the research and anticipated approval by the FDA for MDMA and Psilocybin, among other psychedelics, as medicine to help with various mental health issues including PTSD and treatment resistant Depression. I am also working towards a certificate in MDMA-Assisted Therapy through MAPS.

I have an extensive history working with diverse populations, including youth, adults, and families involved in the child welfare system in Chicago and it’s surrounding communities. I also recently worked in a residential treatment facility for adults with suicidality and those struggling with symptoms related to Major Depressive Disorder, Bi-Polar Disorder, GAD, PTSD, OCD, and Eating Disorders.

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