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What Are The Biggest Misconceptions About Ketamine Therapy?

Posted online on Healing Maps on March 31, 2023.

“Despite ketamine therapy being a safe and legal treatment for PTSDanxiety, and depression, there are still many misconceptions about ketamine due to its recreational use. Even as ketamine treatment is gaining traction around the world, finding a doctor or medical professional willing to discuss the treatment is not always an easy task.

So what are some of the most common misconceptions about ketamine, and what is the reality?”

Here are some common misconceptions that our Chief Medical Officer and Medical Director Abid Nazeer, M.D., FASAM hears from patients often. 

"It doesn’t matter where and how you receive ketamine treatment, it’s all the same." Ketamine is a powerful treatment that should be used carefully in appropriately screened patients and as part of a larger comprehensive treatment plan. Most ketamine clinics do not have a psychiatrist involved, or even a psychotherapist on staff. The primary clinician is assuming care of complicated treatment resistant individuals with depression and anxiety but is not specialized or trained to do so. For some patients, they may still be able to improve with purely being administered the medication, but for many others there is a need for a more robust approach. There is an advantage to going to a clinic for ketamine treatment that can also offer multiple synergistic treatments such as transcranial magnetic stimulation, provide guidance and management of psychotropic medications, offer ketamine assisted psychotherapy, and provide a support structure overall. Not only is it safer from a psychiatric standpoint, but it also leads to better outcomes and less fragmented care. In these settings, ketamine is not being relied upon solely to help the condition, but rather as just one of many tools in the toolbelt.

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Article by: Taylor Carter